Register of Members Interests

Paul Browning


          Employment   Headteacher, Stepney Primary School, Hull

                        Spouse, Library Assistant, E R Y C Libraries

Land                89 Main Street, Skidby, HU16 5TX

Non – Pecuniary

Bodies of a public nature

                        Stepney Primary School Governing Body

Bodies influencing public opinion

                        National Association of Head Teachers

Family members employed by the authority

                        Mrs Christine Browning, employed by E R Y C Libraries


George Oswald Foster


            Employment    Director, G O Foster Plant Hire Ltd

            Land                Middle Farm, Main Street, Skidby, HU16 5TG


Angela Lucy Hunsley


            Employment    Partner, The Orange Grove, The Orchard Centre, Hessle

            Land                Far Stions Farm, Westfield Road, Eppleworth, HU16 5YJ


Lynn Patricia O’Connor

             Land                29 Orchard Road, Skidby, HU16 5TL


Peter William Roustoby


            Employment    Partner, E H Roustoby

                                    Lecturer, Bishop Burton College

            Land                Westfield Farm, Riplingham Road, Skidby, 5TR

                                    7 Rowan Garth, Skidby, HU16 5TT

            Non – Pecuniary

            Bodies directed to charitable purposes

                                    Little Weighton Farm Watch

                                    National Farmers Unio

Paul Woods


           Employment    Director of Quintor (UK) LLP

                                  Director Of Midas Homes (Humberside) LTD

            Land               26 Main street,Skidby, HU16 5TG

                                  Shareholder of Raywell country lodge Park


Lynda Varey

            Pecuniary - Employment Company Director - Sutton Leisure Ltd, Sutton Homes Ltd, Partner Lowfields Equestrian, Accounts clerk RRLeonard & Son

            Land Lowfields,Beverley Road,Skidby. Skidby Lakes Golf Club. Land Eastside A164 (6 acres). Building on Woodhill way, Cottingham


Pauline Young


            Employment    Administrator, G O Foster Plant Hire Ltd

            Land                7 Main Street, Skidby, HU16 5TZ


Marcus Hall


            Land                 52 Main Street,  Skidby, HU16 5TG

                                     Eppleworth Wood Farm

                                     White House Farm


             Bodies directed to charitable purposes

                                      National Farmers Union


 Mr Tom Hasnip

             Pecuniary Interests

             Land                  38 Trinity Garth, Skidby               



Mrs Sarah Hooker

                Pecuniary Interests - Employment - Orange Blossom Flowers, Cottingham - Florist                   

                None Percuniary Interests - Parent Governor at Skidby Primary School

                                                         Treasurer of Skidby School's Parent and Friends Association                   


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Ordinary Skidby Parish Council Meeting held on the first Tuesday of every month

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