29 December 2011Avoiding House Burglaries

Avoiding house burglaries

Although burglaries in Skidby are fortunately rare, these tips from Detective Inspector Paul Kirby of Humberside Police may help to make the homes in our community even safer.

1. Keep the doors to your home locked even when you are in – this will stop the “sneak – in” burglar.
2. Ensure you close your windows when you are out, have gone to bed, or are in another part of the house – some burglars will reach in or climb through windows.
3. Keep high value property away from doors and windows – burglars like an “easy job” – let’s not make it easy for them.
4. While keeping your car keys accessible in case of emergency, keep them away from doors and windows.  As car security improves, car thieves are taking to burglary in order to steal cars.
5. Always ensure your car doors and windows are secure when you leave your vehicle.
6. Never leave your car unattended with the engine running – I know it is tempting during the colder months but it makes things easy for a car thief to jump in and drive away.
7. Never leave property on view – always remove tell – tale signs of a satellite navigation system.
8. Mark, photograph and record details of your valuable property – we recover property as we do target criminals and we would like to restore your property to you when we find it.
9. Be neighbourly – keep an eye on each other’s property and tell people when something is not right, like a window left open.

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