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Cold Ashby, Northants, England.

Welcome to our village!

Cold Ashby and the Corona Virus

Cold Ashby Organisations (Church, Neighbourhod Watch and Parish Council) have joined forces to provide a service designed to help all those who need it, especially, the vulnerable, unwell or lonely. You will have received a leaflet asking you to let us know if you need help of any sort during these difficult times. The people and numbers to contact are set ut below. We hope to provide you with a reguar contact (buddy) who will make sure you have what you need for as long as is necessary. So do get in touch if you think we can help.

We are also looking for a few people who are willing to offer assistance to a neighbour or village resident, as a buddy or in any capacity, so we can build up a register. Thanks to those who have already volunteered. It is appreciated.

So, whether you are offering help, or are in need of it, please call or email us, confidentially, on the numbers below:

Debbie Sampson, Church Warden      740773   dsampson313@gmail.com

Rev Allison Twigg. Vicar                     846099

Norma Bailey, Neighbourhood Watch   740790    

Rod Bailey, Parish Council                   740790            ashbybees@aol.com

Dave and Kirsty Hart, residents           07793149407   kirstyhart203@gmail.com


or contact the parish clerk on the number above.

Best wishes, and please stay safe, the parish council.


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