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Bin troubles

by Graham Jones - 10:51 on 08 September 2018

Well, I have the app and so far it has reminded me, accurately, which of the byzantine combinations of bins I should be putting on display this week. And surprisingly, I have usually managed to get it right. What's more, I prefer the bigger recycling bin, though I know not everyone does, and it will be interesting to see if it leads to less general litter. (we collected 12 black bags full on the recent litter-pick, most of which appears to have blown from the old open recycle boxes.)

There are some legitimate beefs, which we are trying to sort. One bin for the sports pavilion isn't enough and getting a second is a problem. The cemetery brown bin isn't being collected - and that's the largest garden in the village!  And lastly, Daventry (and your own dear parish council, for that matter), would like us to return our bins to our own property, and preferably out of sight, after each collection. If there are other problems, perhaps you could let us know.

Comment from asdasdasd at 21:04 on 20 January 2022.

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