AGM agenda 2018


Cold Ashby Village Hall

Annual General Meeting

7.00pm Tuesday 20th November 2018

(full set of papers available under 'documents' in the library section of this site.




This meeting will be held in the Village Hall, Main Street, Cold Ashby




Main Street, Cold Ashby NN6 6EL

Charity number 1024816

Annual General Meeting


Tuesday November 20th 2018, 7.30 p.m.




1.To elect/agree a chairman for the meeting (if the committee chairman is present, he will assume the chair).

2. Attendance: to record those present at the meeting.

3. Apologies

4. To elect a committee in accordance with the trust deed to act until the next annual general meeting.  4 elected members plus one each to represent and elected by the Bowls Club, The Parish Council and the Parochial Church Council

5. Minutes of the 2017-18 AGM 

6. Matters arising from the minutes

7. Chairman's report

8. secretary/treasurer's report

9. Adoption of accounts for year 2017/2018

10. Open forum

The AGM will be followed by a meeting of the newly elected committee which will choose the chairman for 2018-19.


G Jones, Secretary November 2018


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