09 October 2021
What Matters to You survey? - Traffic tops the poll following 95% return rate.

The traffic survey (97 delivered, 93 returned) showed that over 90% of the village rated 'traffic' as the number 1 problem and wanted the PC to do something about it. We reported the problem, and the survey result, to the local MP, National Highways, Prologis (DIRFT), and West Northants Council at a meeting last Friday. At long last, everyone present agreed there was a problem (following a brilliant presentation by Councillor Williams using evidence from the 'bypasscoldashbynow.com' website).

To identify exactly what the root of the problem is, and therefore what the best solution might be, all parties agreed to collaborate on a full traffic survey of the area and to meet again in the new year to look at results and possible solutions.

Don't get too excited, but it is a start and we should not forget to thank Chris Heaton-Harris MP for bringing all these important people (and they were all high-rankers) round a table to look at lowly Cold Ashby.

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