10 September 2014
Centrebus apologises

The missing no 60 Bus - case solved

On Saturday 6th September, with six eager explorers waiting for it, the brand new bus service to Northampton failed to turn up. The Parish Council, and others, have been on the case ever since.

And now .........

Centrebus apologises, explains and promises to do better.

The Parish Council has received a sincere apology from the operations manager at Centrebus, together with an explanation of what went wrong. The driver for the new service was himself new and, though he had been trained in the company's routes, his instructor forgot to include the Cold Ashby change. So on the first day of operation, the service by-passed Cold Ashby along its old route to Northampton.

The operations manager has taken the new driver out himself this week to show him the proper route and asked me to assure potential passengers that they will be collected this Saturday. I have promised him a good turnout at the bus stop and assured him that we will be civil, as always. I am sure you will be as good as my word.

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