24 March 2017
Traffic Campaign starts now! - CAPEG is live!

Campaign group holds first meeting

There’s a new group at large in Cold Ashby with an aim of improving the environment in as many ways as it can. Its main aim is to promote ways of reducing the adverse effects of increased traffic through the village and to campaign long term for a relief route that would take traffic on a different route between the A14 and West Haddon/DIRFT.

The group will operate under the auspices of the Parish Council and will have a small start-up grant from that body.  Richard Williams has agreed to chair it. The intention is to keep the core group small and to report regularly to the Parish Council, where all interested parties can have their say, as well as to the Annual Parish Assembly (17th May this year) and other ad hoc gatherings if there is a demand or need.

The group will focus mainly on traffic but hopes to supervise other environmental activities, such as litter picking, which will make the village a pleasanter place to live and encourage visitors to treat it with a bit more respect. Some campaigns will be ongoing, no doubt, whilst others will be short-term with limited and specific objectives (e.g. telephone box restoration).

The provisional name is CAPEG (Cold Ashby Parish Environment Group) but that may change and there is no reason why each individual campaign (traffic, litter, dog mess etc) shouldn’t have its own campaign brand.

The group’s initial concerns are about communications with the whole of the village, especially since the demise of the newsletter, and the setting up of a website as a focal point for campaign messages and materials.

You can help too. If you have any photographs of traffic chaos, or obstruction, or road rage or anything you think might help, you can send it to us at coldashbypc@btinternet.com. If you want to attend any of the Parish Council meetings where the group’s activities are reported, just keep an eye on the agendas in the new green noticeboard outside the village hall, or in the library section of this website.

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