13 May 2017
Asssembly Agenda

Next Wednesday in the Sports Pavilion at 7.30 is the once a year gathering of the Cold Ashby clans.

It's everybody's chance to have a say and hear of the latest developments planned for the village. This year you can find out about the ambitious campaign for an effective solution to the traffic problems the village faces. It would be great to see you there and everyone is welcome.

Here's the agenda in full: you can get a copy here (parish assembly in the library)


1.     Election of chairman for the meeting (if the Parish Council chairman is present he will assume the chair automatically)

2.     Apologies for absence (there is no duty to attend for councillors)

3.     Minutes of the 2016 assembly

4.     Welcome and introduction – the chairman will explain the purpose and nature of the meeting.

5.     Chairman’s report – the chairman of the parish council will give a brief report on the work and achievements of the council in 2016-17 and look forward to activity in the coming year.

6.    Public rights of way – response to NCC’s consultation on paths to close and to keep open

7.    Meetings with NCC Highways on ways of improving the traffic situation in the village.

8.     Cold Ashby Parish Environment Group (Capeg) an introduction and update on activity

9.     Litter picking. Report on the organisation of self-help litter collections

10.   CCTV: an introduction to the possibility of CCTV in the village.

11.   Councillor Vacancy

12.   Reports from District and County Councillors if present

13. Open Forum – an opportunity to raise further matters of general or individual interest relating to the community.

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