The 'Wadenhoe Village Through Time' Exhibition (2017)

The Exhibition Literature....

1. Wadenhoe Village Through Time

2. Wadenhoe's Villagers Through Time

3. Wadenhoe's Farmers & Publicans Through Time

4. Wadenhoe's School Teachers Through Time

5. Wadenhoe's Houses Through Time

The page number references scattered throughout these documents refer to the source reference pages in the Wadenhoe History Group's 1998 online book (by chapters) which you can click on here.......

"THE STORY OF WADENHOE - A Northamptonshire Village"

...with Chapter 1 starting on p11; Ch2 on p39; Ch3 on p69; Ch4 on p87; Ch5 on p113; Ch6 on p133; Ch7 on p157; & Ch8 on p223.......but the documents do stand alone as a work of reference.


About the Exhibition.....

The exhibition 'Wadenhoe Village Through Time: A Collection of Photographs and Memorabilia', was sponsored by The Wadenhoe Trust.

The exhibition was first opened for a preview for the Wadenhoe villagers and the Wadenhoe Trustees on the evening of friday 20th October 2017, and then opened to the public on the following saturday and sunday in the afternoons.

It was the idea of Jonathan Lines, who grew up in and has family in the village, and who does building and decorating work for the Trust in the village. He had inherited a collection of old photographs, documents, & memorabilia of the village, which he thought really ought to be seen.

He got together with a Wadenhoe Trustee, Stephen Hall, who also has a collection of old Wadenhoe Ward-Hunt family memorabilia, including militaria, photographs and documents, as well as having an old Wadenhoe Countryfile video which could be shown in a seating area at the exhibition.

They then enlisted Wadenhoe Parish Councillor Trevor Pocknell for support and research purposes - he had already researched all the Fallen of the Parish in 2015, and produced the Centenary War Memorial Remembrance folder which is in Wadenhoe Church, and which was to be on display at the exhibition.

Trevor already had a project started to compile for himself a simple helpful index for the 'must-have' Wadenhoe book 'The History of Wadenhoe - A Northamptonshire Village', which was published in 1998 by the Wadenhoe History Group, but which had no index.

Realising that this would result in a list of what happened in, and who lived in, Wadenhoe through time, it got enhanced and expanded, including Wadenhoe Censuses from 1841 to 1911, in a time consuming project to produce a chronology, and pretty much an encyclopedia of Wadenhoe village inhabitants, which would fit the theme of the exhibition.


Those documents Trevor produced for the exhibition are now published above.

Any potential corrections or additions, or any comments about them,

can be posted to trevorpocknell@gmail.com


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