Minutes from the Parish Council's meetings are available to view here.

{Please note that minutes of the most recent Parish Council meeting are draft minutes, and are therefore subject to approval by the Parish Council at their next meeting, so look for approval of the minutes at the following meeting}.  


Minutes 10th May 2021

Minutes 8th March 2021  (Zoom Virtual Meeting)

Minutes 11th January 2021 (Zoom Virtual Meeting)


Minutes 9th Nov 2020 (Zoom Virtual Meeting)

Minutes 14th Sept 2020. (Zoom Virtual Meeting)

Minutes 13th July 2020. (Zoom Virtual Meeting)

11th May 2020 - Meeting cancelled due to Covid-19.

Minutes 16th March 2020

Minutes 13th January 2020


Minutes 11th November 2019

Minutes 9th September 2019

Minutes 8th July 2019

Minutes 17th June 2019 Extraordinary Planning Meeting

Minutes 13th May 2019

Minutes 11th Mar 2019

Minutes 18th Feb 2019 Extraordinary Planning Meeting

Minutes 14th Jan 2019


Minutes 15th Jan 2018

Minutes 12th March 2018

Minutes 14th May 2018

Minutes Extraordinary Meeting June 18th 2018

Minutes 16th July 2018

Minutes Extraordinary Meeting 13th August 2018

Minutes 10th September 2018

Minutes 12th November 2018

Minutes 3rd December 2018


Minutes 16th Jan 2017

Minutes 13th March 2017

Planning Mins 28th March 2017

Minutes 15th May 2017

Minutes 17th July 2017

Minutes 11th Sept 2017

Minutes 13th Nov 2017


Minutes 18th Jan 2016

Minutes 14th March 2016

Minutes 16th May 2016

Minutes 11th July 2016

Minutes 12th September 2016

Minutes 14th November 2016


Minutes 19th Jan 2015

Minutes 16th Mar 2015

Minutes 11th May 2015

Minutes 13th July 2015

Minutes 7th Sept 2015

Minutes 9th Nov 2015

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