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01 July 2020

THE FOLLOWING update was requested today [1st July 2020] from Mr. A. McNeill, Flood & Coastal Erosion Risk Manager at Northumberland County Council:

"I'm pleased to direct you towards the following website where we will be providing progress updates on the Lynemouth Waste Recovery Scheme. There is also a section (4) where anyone interested can register their email address to be notified of future updates once published. We hope this provides the most efficient way of sharing progress with the many interested parties. Please feel free to share this link throughout your network and repost any of the information provided. The preconstruction work will be largely desk based, although I will be sure to contact you separately with advanced notice of dates for further site investigations and licence consultations. On that note, a topographic survey is scheduled for tomorrow. Beach monitoring, debris removal and atmospheric monitoring is ongoing to manage any risks associated with the site. If any questions arise from this evening's meeting, please let me know and I will be happy to reply".


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