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09 February 2022

THE PARISH COUNCIL has received an update on the Lynemouth Bay Regeneration:

"I'm pleased to provide you with an update on the project we are developing to recover the waste within the cliffs at Lynemouth Bay.

"In June 2021, we received notification from the Environment Agency that they had approved our recommended Waste Recover Plan (WRP), in effect agreeing the principle of the scheme and enabling our application for the required Deposit for Recovery (DfR) permit.  In determining the permit application, the EA sought clarification on various technical and environment issues, which we have responded to, and they have consulted with other regulators.  Informally, it is our understanding that all points for clarification have been resolved and we expect to receive the DfR permit by the end of February.

"Planning permission has been received and all pre-construction conditions have been discharged, and an access agreement is presently being drafted by the Coal Authority to enable our use of their site for access and egress.

"On receipt of the DfR permit, we will update the scope of work to consider any requirements / conditions imposed by the permit and issue contracts to the contractor.  It is with high confidence that we expect to begin works during the early summer, allowing a little time to discharge any pre-construction conditions and mobilise for construction.  

"In the meantime, Neighbourhood Services colleagues have been continuing to monitor the beach and remove debris deposited onto the beach when able and safe to do so.  I will also inspect the cliffs following the recent storminess and Sunday evening's coastal flood alert.

"I'm pleased to also report that we have also had success engaging with local schools on the back of the project, speaking to around 250 children at William Leech and Thomas Bewick, with plans to speak to a further 150 at James Knott.  During these sessions we have covered topics such as the area's industrial heritage, environmental processes and climate change, and we will be pleased to consider any ideas you may have to further engage on issues related to the project.

"We anticipate being able to provide more details on the project timetable by March's parish meetings, when we expect to be in receipt of the DfR permit".

Aaron McNeill
Flood & Coastal Risk Manager
FCERM, Technical Services

Northumberland County Council
NE61 2EF

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