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04 May 2017

THE PARISH COUNCIL met representatives of the Harworth Group at Lynefield Park on Thursday 13th April 2017 to discuss their on-going work and the future proposals for the site are briefly summarised as follows:

Barton Willmore are working on behalf of the owners of the site, Harworth Group, to manage the planning process for the future redevelopment of the former Alcan smelter site - Lynefield Park. The proposals at this stage involve engineering operations to infill the former pot rooms and open up the northern access. The engineering works will provide level platforms for future development, which will be covered by a separate master-planning application for the redevelopment of the wider site for flexible employment development.

These proposals are still being formulated and it is anticipated that an application will be submitted over the coming months. Harworth Group are keen to involve the local community as development proposals evolve. The key long-term aim of the proposed development is to generate jobs for the local area, and they hope to work in partnership with those in the local community to make this a reality. The initial proposals have been welcomed by the County Council and they hope to also earn the support of the Parish Council, as they believe the development will deliver wide ranging benefits for the local area. They will be undertaking a wider consultation over the coming months including public consultation events, ahead of the submission of the master-planning application.

In terms of wider considerations, the Parish Council queried how the proposals would impact or benefit the village and people of Lynemouth. The key benefit the scheme would deliver is jobs for the local area, and this is supported by the County Council. Moreover, increased business activity will deliver increased business rates revenue for the County Council and provide opportunities for local people. There may be opportunities for further engagement between the Parish Council and current/future occupiers at the site to discuss potential initiatives - for example employment opportunities for young people.

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