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Christmas Greetings
Wishing you all, but especially Philip Bott and Roger Miller, A Very Happy Christmas and New Year 2018 Regards Tim Lill
Posted by Tim Lill on 11 December 2017
Blacksmith's shop.
It was interesting to learn from your website that the Blacksmith's shop was built by Palmer's the builders of Yelvertoft. The builders in question were Frederick my grandfather,James my great-grandfather and Walter my great-uncle.

Thank you and best regards,

Rob Palmer.Lilbourne/Yelvertoft.
Posted by Rob Palmer on 26 July 2015
Congrats to whoever is responsible for the new look webpage!!
Posted by Tim Lill on 06 November 2013
Glad you like it!
Posted by The Clerk on 06 November 2013
Yes, congratulations on the new look and the addition of the blog and Old Ashby page.
Thanks also for the links to 'The Cold Ashby Rambler'- much appreciated!
Posted by Ashby Rambler on 07 November 2013
Are Philip Bott and Roger Miller still alive, and if so where are they please?
Posted by tim lill on 28 September 2013
They are still alive and living in Cold Ashby, Main Steet and Stanford Close respectively.

Best wishes

GJ, CA Parish Clerk
Posted by Graham Jones on 30 September 2013

Many thanks - wonderful news!!


Posted by tim lill on 01 October 2013
cold ashby school
Am I right in thinking that our family friend, Dorothy Richardson, was head of the primary school in Cold Ashby in the 1940'S? Does anyone remember?
Posted by stan bailey on 07 September 2013
I attended Cold Ashby School at the age of 5 in 1946, but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the Head Teacher at that time, but Dorothy Richardson's name rings a bell for some reason. I left after a year and went to Thornby School, walking each day there and back from Cold Ashby.
Posted by Tim Lill on 25 September 2013
Yes, Miss Richardson was Teacher at Cold Ashby in the 40's We have a photo of her with her class at the school.

Janet Thompson
Posted by Janet Thompson (nee Bott) on 18 February 2014
Queens Coronation 1953
Posted on 13 June 2013
Posted on 27 March 2013
Finding old class mates
Posted on 07 May 2012
Posted on 04 August 2011
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