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Present: Mike Berry, Tony Wycherley, Rose Dempsey, Roger Miller, Faye Brown, Ruth Sleigh, Alex Taylor, Fiona Taylor, Neil Harpham
Apologies: Chris Murphy, Bob Gammage

Matters Arising and Confirmation of Minutes: 
Minutes accepted.
Chairman’s Report
Discussed usage of football pitch with Keith Miller for his view – Keith happy to help.

Suggested £500 per year fixed fee to Clive – Happy.  Agreed £125 per month. 40 weeks training, 12-18 matches.  Key cut for Clive.

Crick juniors can have reduced size pitch.  £10 per match quoted.  Awaiting response.

We are in fixed price contract with Eon for power until next year.  Seeking quotes for other accounts.  Ideally we should consolidate 3 accounts into one supplier.

Received letter chasing BT alarm service payment.  There have been issues with alarm since they serviced it.  May need to re-align door from bar into field.  Neil to ask his carpenter to assess/quote.
Secretary’s Report
Asked DDC for copy of rates and rebate forms – awaiting the documents.
Treasurer’s Report
• Hose for mower water - £9.94
• Rose wine - £15.00
• Keys for Clive Rowley - £10.00
Terry Smith/Bowls Club - £59.98
• Petrol – £20 (taken out of bar takings below)
• Bar stock - £28 (taken out of bar takings below)

Payment for hire of football pitch 2 x £40 = £80
Bar takings - £288 less £48 payments (above) = £240

Bank Balances
£7,624.54 – Current as at 3/8/12
£3,990.33 – High interest as at 3/8/12

Income  July 2012                                        £ Expenditure  July 2012                £
Bank Interest       0.41 Petrol for mower      40.00
Bowls Club – Eon bill payment     29.54 Key and Battery – Mike B      13.88
  Stationery - stamps        6.00
  Clock for Pavilion         5.00
  Hose Connection– M Dempsey        4.29
  Anglian Water - CAPFA      57.08
  Anglian water - Bowls      38.67
  Keys for Tennis ct – R Sleigh      65.50
  Mowing x 9    495.00
TOTAL £  29.95
TOTAL £725.42

Fay gave receipt for the paint for the retreat for payment as agreed at previous meeting (see above)
Nothing (apart from chairman’s report above and bar cover below)
Key has stopped mis-use
Written to Playdale re Witches hat design flaw.  No response yet
Children’s Play Area and Mowing Rota
Removal of tyres still an issue.  DDC said parish/CAPFA problem, but said they could remove for a charge.  Tony to contact district councillor.
Sports Field
Roger looked at 2nd hand mower prices – advised £5,000-£8,000 (new £20k).  They get them in occasionally.  He’ll keep an eye out.  Roger will get a quote (new & second hand) so we can apply for grants.
Sports and Social Club Committee
Faye pointed out measure on whisky special optic is a double.

Bar cover needed for evening of (Bank Holiday) Tuesday 28th Aug from 8.00 (footballers).  Arrange outside this meeting.

Cleaning Products to be added to list of bar stocks
Fi to prepare stock list

Mike has found a timer for chiller for £8.  Mike to Check power consumption and buy if ok.

Bar rota: 25/8 – Paul Gardham, 1/9 – Rose & Martin
Pavilion and Fire Safety Checks

Fund Raising and Lottery
Agreed £5 per ticket
Tony to print tickets – 300 tickets
First draw 1st Monday after bonfire night (5th November)
Roger to order fireworks – same order as last year – budget approx. £410

Next Film – Best Marigold Hotel – 11th September

Mike to give Flyers to Tony end Aug so he can distribute with Parish newsletter

Insurance due for renewal on 1st Oct.  Parish Clerk will be sorting out in Sept.  Need to review any added value items – None in pavilion or Bowls retreat

Bowls lease for season just gone is £419.06. – Calculated by Neil.  Base rent in Jan £400 + RPI

Instruction sheet for mower – In hand (Martin Dempsey)

Request for use of Gazebo – Pigfest Charity Festival 31st Aug/1st/2nd Sep.  No charge, but festival have offered a donation out of any profits.  All agree.

                                              Date of next meeting: Tuesday  18th September  2012 7.30pm
                                                   The Pavilion, Stanford Road. All Welcome

Ongoing items for next meetings
Periodic Items Recurring Items
Bench/seat for children’s play area Jan/Feb bi-annual – Mower service (2012)
Potential use of table tennis table Feb – Review charges and fees
March prepare request for PC precept for play area
Solar heating April – CASSC review bar prices and do stock take
New major projects to consider: April  – Calculate Bowls rent based on RPI (due 1/10)
a)Play equipment.  May annu May - contact Hollowell re volunteering
b) Pavilion refurb: seating/redecoration/glasswasher/
handryers/lighting/bigger film screen /wine glasses June – Review Eon electricity contract (due August)
c) Right to Build Funding for community facility 2012 July – Film licence renewal
August – Insurance (premium due 1st Oct)
October – firework plans + RA for Insurer 14 days prior. 

Signed:            Dated:

Outstanding maintenance items:- Chain to fix small five-a-side goalposts to eye in wall; play equipment maintenance & treatment [incl. slide safety surface re-lay, nettle cutting, wooden t-bar and tyre infill at multi-play (splintering?); fit light with PIR at main shed; assess replacement ceiling spotlights in pavilion plus removal/ skimming of artex; re-sand multiplay (annual); update honours boards; inspect play equipment (quarterly),

















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