05 April 2018Cold Ashby tennis fees

The fees for membership and court use for 2018 have been published and the good news is that there is no increase from last year. So no excuses for not re-joining or joining as a new member and getting out there to keep fit and hone your skills in time for Wimbledon. 

The fees can be found on the Library page (click here) under Capfa or the tennis group.

05 April 2018Struggle to restore bus service continues

There is a strong campaign backed by all villages on the service 60 route to have the service restored, if not by NCC, then by other means. The service currently loses £80,000 per year and NCC simply has not got the money, it says. The campaign is involving all local and national politicians with an interest in the matter, but the position is dire and it seems to be a matter of rescuing what we can.

01 March 2018Northampton County Council cuts hit Cold Ashby

We have been informed that the mobile library service in Cold Ashby will be stopped with immediate effect and that the 60 bus service to Northampton will cease in early summer. The council's urgent need to find more budget savings following years of budget reductions under the 'austerity' programme is given as a reason.

06 February 2018Table Tennis in the village hall

Thanks to a subsidy from Table Tennis England you can now play table tennis in the village hall whenever it suits you.

Through the Loop in the Communiy project, designed to get us all active, the village hall has purchased a full-size quality ping pong table, complete with bats and balls.

Full details will be in a leaflet due through your letter box any day now. If you can't wait to find out please call Angela Edwards on 07799 473656 or angedw.g@gmail.com. If you like, you can download the registration form from the Table Tennis section in 'Library' (click here)

A year's subscription, to cover the village hall costs, is £10 per person or £15 per family. Small groups or teams (maximum 4 people) can also join for £15. All subscriptions run to 1st March 2019.

Come on, join in the fun. It's a painless way back to fitness.


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