Revised May 2022  


  1. A list of fees and charges is kept by the Clerk to the Parish Council.  Any fees payable should be paid at the time the order is given.


  1. The name of the parish or district from which the body is removed and all necessary information is to be stated when the fee is paid.


  1. Two days notice of interment must be given to the Clerk to the Parish Council.


  1. The relatives or friends of the deceased must make their own arrangements for the conduct of the burial service.  The name and address of the minister must be given to the Clerk to the Parish Council.


  1. No more than one grave, single or double, may be bought at one time and be consistent with the Parish Council’s plan of the cemetery.  No plots may be reserved as from April, 1987.


  1. Cremated remains may be interred either in an existing grave or in the Garden of Remembrance but not in a previously unopened plot.


  1. An interment of any person who has not been a resident of the village of Cold Ashby during the ten years prior to death will be subject to the surcharges as published.


  1. The ground at the top, bottom and sides of all graves belongs to the Parish Council.


  1. The relatives and friends are responsible for the leveling of graves immediately after the expiry of twelve months of the burial.  Please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council concerning disposal of soil or if help is required.


  1. No vault or walled grave is to be constructed in the cemetery.


  1. No grave in which the exclusive right to burial has been purchased shall be opened without the owner’s consent in writing.


  1. Details of every headstone to be erected, the position of which is to be specified by the Parish Council, must be submitted to the Parish Council for approval and payment made to the Parish Council before it is erected in the cemetery.  All headstones must be vertical

and not exceed 3’ 0” (914mm) high x 2’ 0” (610mm) wide.  All headstones must bear the number of the grave on which it is to be erected and any subsequent inscriptions must also be approved by the Parish Council. Inscriptions must refer to deceased persons interred in the grave. For cremated remains, removable flower vases and flat inscription stones only may be used. Such inscription stones must have a flat surface or an inlaid motif (i.e., not proud of the surface). They must be laid flat and flush with the ground. They should be no larger than 18x18 inches. No other forms of memorial or railing must be erected which might impede mowing.


  1. Flower vases must also be approved by the Parish Council and will be restricted to one per grave for maintenance purposes.


  1. All headstones must be kept in proper condition and repair by and at the expense of the persons ordering the same.  In case of neglect to repair, notice will be sent to the owner or his/her representative and if not executed within three months the Parish Council may cause headstones to be removed.


  1. The planting of shrubs and flowering plants is not allowed on any grave as from 1st May 1996.


  1. The Parish Council is not responsible for damage to memorials caused by storm, wind, subsidence or vandalism.


  1. Cut flowers, wreaths or temporary materials must be removed from graves when faded.


  1. Hours of interment are 9.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday inclusive.  Interments outside these hours will not be permitted.


  1. Visitors to the cemetery must keep to the paths and refrain from touching, moving or interfering with any trees planted by the Parish Council.


  1. No headstone will be allowed on a grave space in which the exclusive right of burial has not been granted.


  1. Notice is to be given to the Clerk to the Parish Council of any execution of work, even though permission has been granted.


  1. A plan of the cemetery showing the situation of each grave is kept by the Clerk to the Parish Council and may be seen, by appointment, without charge.


  1. The Parish Council reserves the right to make alterations to the charges at any time and also alterations to the regulations. 



BY ORDER OF COLD ASHBY PARISH COUNCIL 05.05.22 clerk@coldashbypc.com 







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