Cold Ashby Parish Council


A meeting will be held on Wednesday 4th August 2020 at 7.30 p.m. Sports Pavilion, Cold Ashby


Councillors are summoned to attend this meeting of the Parish Council.

Members of the public and press are invited to attend




Present: to record the presence of Cold Ashby Parish Councillors, Officers, members of external authorities and others in official attendance at the meeting.


Interests: Members’ attention is drawn to the need to disclose pecuniary interests not already registered before any relevant agenda item.


1. Apologies: to receive and consider apologies for absence

2. Minutes: to approve a) minutes of the meeting of the Council held on the 2nd June 2021; b) minutes of the extra meeting on June 16th; c) minutes of the extra meeting on July 1st.

3. Matters arising: to note for information only any relevant matter arising from the approved minutes. (NB a response has been received from the applicant to the Council’s observations on the planning application in Crabtree Lane)

4. Open forum: to receive and discuss matters raised by members of the public present at the meeting.

5. Accounts: Members are asked to approve the attached accounts for July and August and authorize the payments contained in them. The balance reported at the June meeting was £25,099.24 (£17,817.20 current and £7,282.04 investment).  Details of payments and receipts and the new balance are reported in Annex 1, a copy of which will be e-mailed to members in advance of the meeting and available at the meeting in hard copy.

6. Village Hall: the secretary and the chairman of the Village Hall committee (R Bailey and G Jones) have indicated that they wish to resign from their posts in November 2021 at the VH AGM. At its August meeting, the VH committee is expected to approve an advertisement for more members and volunteers to take on these roles. If this does not produce new officers the current VH chairman and secretary intend to propose an interim solution for the stewardship of the VH in the medium term. It is their intention to gain the approval of the VH committee for the attached document (annex 2) which would be circulated to the village and then discussed at the December meeting of the PC. For reasons which are clear in the document, it needs the approval of the PC before it can be used and members are asked to consider the following resolution:

 It is resolved: that the strategy outlined in the document has the support of the Parish Council which hereby gives its permission to circulate the explanatory leaflet should the VH committee be unable to find new volunteers for the roles of Chairman, secretary and treasurer in the coming weeks.

7. Insurance: to agree division of new insurance premium between the PC and CAPFA.

8. Queen’s Jubilee June 2022. The chairman would like to start the process of planning a celebration of this event and to discuss ways in which the PC can contribute.

9. Environment: a regular agenda item dealing with matters relating to improving the village environment.


  • village hall bench: purchase proposal. No information has been received.
  • Litter pick feedback.


10. Verbal reports from council representatives on other bodies


11. Post: to note and/or discuss items of correspondence with the Council not considered elsewhere on the        agenda:


Graham Jones 29th July 2021


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