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Following the current Government Covid-19 guidelines, the 11th May Annual Parish Meeting is cancelled.


 Victory in Europe Day 75th Anniversary



"On Friday 8 May 2020 Britain will be commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE Day when the guns fell silent at the end of war in Europe."

Due to the coronavirus restrictions most VE Day 75 events and street parties have had to be cancelled or postponed but we still want you to be able to mark the occasion, share your pride in our country and honour the men and women of WW2."

"You could take part in celebrations safely from home by making your own VE Day Great British Bunting." [See below]

"We are also encouraging all those taking part to undertake the ‘Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of WW2’ at 3pm on the [Bank Holiday Friday] 8th May, from the safety of their own home by standing up and raise a glass of refreshment of their choice and undertake the following ‘Toast’ –

“To those who gave so much, we thank you!”

using this unique opportunity to pay tribute to the many millions at home and abroad that gave so much to ensure we all enjoy and share the freedom we have today."


"Great British Bunting.......You can make your own special VE Day 75 ‘Great British Bunting’ to display in your window at home. Here are all the instructions you need to get started using any paper, cereal boxes, string, ribbon, sweet wrappers, felt pens, poster paint you have or whatever you can find. You can decorate your bunting with pictures of whatever inspires you, whether it’s those who fought on the frontline or worked hard on the Homefront, or whether it’s a celebration of enduring peace or your own personal hero. Hang your bunting with pride over the weekend of Friday 8 May - Sunday 10 May."




This poster, made by Sophie from Pilton, was put on the Pilton noticeboard and then sent into our website by Pilton Councillor Carew Treffgarne. Carew suggested it may encourage other children to do likewise ! :-) [A photo of your poster can go on this website's RAINBOW page by emailing it to Wadenhoe Councillor trevorpocknell@gmail.com.     A front window of your house would be a good place for your actual poster!] Well done Sophie! We will accept artwork or photos of rainbows, or any lockdown inspired subjects, from any age group, as long as you live in the Parish, for consideration for putting on our rainbow page, so get busy!




CORONAVIRUS SUPPORT HELPLINE 0300 126 1000 (option 5)

(line open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm)

Email: nccg.communityresilience.covid19@nhs.net

A support line has been launched to support the most vulnerable people in Northamptonshire during the coronavirus crisis.

The helpline, which will be managed by the customer service centre at Northamptonshire County Council, goes live today (Tuesday, 31st March 2020).

It allows those who cannot leave their homes under current restrictions and those who are self-isolating and have nobody to call upon for help to request support in getting access to food, prescriptions and other vital services that they require. Cllr Matthew Golby, leader of Northamptonshire County Council, said: “The launch of this new support line means that we can provide care and support to those that really need our help.

By working together with our borough and district council colleagues, and with the hundreds of groups and individuals who have volunteered their help, we will be able to provide coordinated local support to the most vulnerable across the county."

It comes after a successful NCC appeal last week to find volunteers to help those in need including those displaying symptoms of the virus, which has now affected at least 153 people in Northamptonshire. Eight people in the county who had tested positive for COVID-19 have died.

Others in need include those with existing health conditions, those who are pregnant or those aged 70 and above.

Each call to the helpline will be triaged so that individuals receive the care and support that is appropriate to their needs.

The Community Resilience Service will co-ordinate requests for help in conjunction with the district and borough councils, mapping those requests by area and linking them up with local community groups, volunteers and voluntary organisations who have pledged their support.

Those requiring help are asked to call the support line on 0300 126 1000 (option 5).

Individuals can also email nccg.communityresilience.covid19@nhs.net and ask for help.



However, planning is under way for a 'Race Night', on behalf of St Rumbold Church funds, which will include a fish and chip supper, and this is to be held in Wadenhoe Village Hall on Friday 20th November 2020. More details from Liz Doherty nearer the time!


Local Elections 7th May 2020


From East Northants Council website......

"On Thursday, 7 May 2020, all seats on each of East Northamptonshire’s town and parish councils will be up for election for a five year term of office.

You should consider becoming a parish councillor if:

- you want to do something positive for the community

- you want to spend your time productively

- you can think, listen and act locally, in the best interests of your parish

- you want to give something back to your community

Almost anyone can become a councillor and parish councils currently have councillors from various walks of life. To stand for election on the day of nominations, you must be:

- 18 or over;

- a UK, Irish, EU or Commonwealth citizen; and

- be registered to vote in your parish, or live, work in or occupy as owner or tenant some land or property in the parish. 

To stand for election, you must complete nomination papers which will be available from 18th March. You will need to be proposed and seconded by two electors, who must be included in the electoral register for the parish for which you want to be a candidate.

You must return the papers by hand (it cannot be posted) to the Elections Team at East Northamptonshire Council between 31 March and 4pm on Wednesday, 8 April 2020.

For more information visit 'How to stand as a parish / town councillor' on East Northants Council website".

You will need to be, or to become, computer literate, using email, and reading documents (eg.planning).




“Guilty” Plea for Illegal Dog Sales

Published Monday, 21 October 2019 {by East Northamptonshire Council}

East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) has welcomed the prosecution of three individuals after they pleaded guilty to selling dogs without a licence in Lilford.

On Monday 14 October, Nigel Hockey, Maxine Thornton and Evangeline Proctor were sentenced to:

 - A twelve month community order and ordered to perform 80 hours unpaid work;

 - A disqualification order for 5 years from dealing in dogs (both selling and breeding) to commence immediately.

The defendants were also ordered to pay £3000 each as a contribution to the prosecution’s costs, plus an £85 victim surcharge.

Officers from East Northamptonshire Council had suspected illegal activity on the Lilford Estate for a number of years and evidence obtained in October 2018 led to a full investigation which resulted in the successful prosecution on Monday 14 October at Wellingborough Magistrates’ Court.

It is believed that ENC is the first local authority to prosecute under the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018.

Councillor Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, said: “This case has highlighted that illegal dog sales can happen anywhere, especially in rural areas. We are delighted that the hard work of the team at East Northamptonshire Council has resulted in a conviction. We are continuously working to prevent illegal traders from selling dogs and would urge anyone considering buying a new puppy to be vigilant and report concerns to the Environmental Services Animal Licensing Team”.

Nicholas Truelove, Barrister, Kings Chambers added: “This was a good result following an intense and lengthy investigation. It demonstrates that the new regulations have sufficient breadth to require licences for advertising the sale of, as well as the actual sale of, dogs and puppies for profit. 

“In turn, as was hoped at the introduction of these regulations in October 2018, this should lead to a significant improvement in the welfare of such animals. There may be a long way to go to achieve this nationally, but this is a significant step in the right direction.”

When buying a puppy, it is advised that you consider the following:

1.         Ask to see mum and puppy together
2.         Visit your new puppy more than once
3.         Get all your puppy’s paperwork before going home, including vaccinations, and ensure your puppy is microchipped
4.         Walk away if you are at all unsure
5.         Report suspicious sellers or breeders
6.         Take your puppy to your own vet for a health check as soon as possible

1.         Meet anywhere that isn’t the puppy’s home
2.         Buy a puppy from anyone who can supply various breeds on demand
3.         Buy a puppy that looks too young / small or underweight
4.         Feel pressured to buy a puppy
5.         Buy a puppy that you suspect has been illegally imported

If you are concerned about illegal puppy sales, you can speak to a member of the ENC Environmental Services Animal Licensing Team on 01832 742042.



........And also from ENCs Senior Environmental Health Officer Adam French on 18th October 2019.......

Successful prosecution of individuals illegally selling dogs.

Three defendants pleaded guilty to selling and/or breeding dogs without a licence following a long and complicated investigation by officers from Environmental Services.

On 25th October 2018, a complaint was received from a member of the public who had seen an advert online and subsequently bought a puppy from the Lilford area.  Concerns were raised when her vet could not locate a microchip and further enquiries led her to believe she may have purchased the dog from unlicensed breeders.  Officers had received sporadic intelligence about suspected illegal activity for a number of years and this information was the catalyst to a full-blown investigation.

Between November 2018 and March 2019 officers conducted a resource-intensive, meticulous investigation to obtain enough evidence to mount a prosecution against the three main suspects, Nigel Hockey, Maxine Thornton and Evangeline Proctor.  This involved:

 - Tracing potential witnesses and taking statements.

 - An extensive online investigation involving multiple advertising sites which revealed the use of different aliases, addresses and contact details.

 - Liaison with neighbouring authorities and other agencies including the RSPCA, DEFRA, DVLA and the police.

 - Obtaining information from local veterinarian practices.

The final breakthrough with the case came from a supplier of microchips which proved categorically the involvement of the defendants in the selling of dogs.  Two of the defendants had purchased over 600 chips between them.

The investigation unearthed an organised ring of people.  They corresponded with potential buyers by text only giving limited location information until the day of collection and sale.  Information from local veterinary surgeries showed in excess of 75 dogs and puppies being taken for treatment over an extended period of time.  It is estimated that in excess of 30 litters of puppies plus many individual older dogs were advertised over a two year period.

Officers attended court on three separate occasions where the defendants pleaded not guilty.  A three day trial was set to commence on Monday 14th October.  Given the complexity of the case a barrister was instructed for the prosecution.  On the morning of the first day of trial the defendants changed their pleas to guilty.  The defendants were each sentenced to:

 - A twelve month community order and ordered to perform 80 hours unpaid work.

 - An Order made under Section 34 Animal Welfare Act 2006 to disqualify the defendants in respect of dogs from dealing in them for a period of 5 years.

The defendants were also ordered to pay £3,000 each as a contribution to the council’s costs, plus an £85 victim surcharge. The Council submitted a costs request for £15,500.

Councillor Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, said: “This case has highlighted that illegal dog sales can happen anywhere, especially in rural areas. We are delighted that the hard work of the team at East Northamptonshire Council has resulted in a conviction. We are continuously working to prevent illegal traders from selling dogs and would urge anyone considering buying a new puppy to be vigilant and report concerns to the Environmental Services Animal Licensing Team”.

Information from this investigation will be shared with HMRC, DEFRA and local authorities across the country to prevent the three defendants operating elsewhere.  The case will also be publicised in the media in the coming days.

It is believed that this case is the first successful prosecution in England since the introduction of the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 on 1st October 2018.


Websites launched to provide public with latest unitary information.

Two new websites have been launched offering a reliable source of information for residents about the move toward unitary governance in Northamptonshire.

Named ‘Future Northants North’[where we are] and ‘Future Northants West’ they carry the same core information while outlining the separate processes being followed in the north and west of the county.

These dedicated sites describe the process so far, who is involved, progress from public meetings, and news including details of the upcoming shadow authority elections.

This is by far and away the best means of keeping up to date with progress.

There is understandably a great deal of speculation about our move toward unitary governance and these two sites will offer the most reliable means of ensuring the public are aware of the facts and keeping up to date on progress.



Church Street Grit Bin Re-instated!

Finally, after 6 months of persistently trying since last February, Wadenhoe's Church Street grit bin has been  re-instated by Northamptonshire Highways. (30/08/2019)

It was one of 500 removed across Northamptonshire as part of a cost-cutting exercise because the location didn't meet their criteria for keeping a bin.

We realised that Church Street's side roads Oaklee Close and Home Farm Close, gradients coming down onto Church Street, added to our 'points' criteria to qualify for a grit bin; this had not been noticed by Highways on previous visits; they decided to come out to look again, and agreed.

It is here already. They have changed its location a little to the bottom of Oaklee Close on Church Street.




Our regular PC meetings are 2 months apart, so when a major planning application, like demolishing an attached house and building a new design detached house in a conservation area, comes along, and the comments have to be in before our next meeting is planned, we have to hold what is called an extraordinary meeting. It is simply a planning meeting.

This has happened twice for one property in Wadenhoe this year. It would have been preferable to discuss the application at a regular meeting, but the latest site notices only went up on 4th of June, and the end date for comment is the 24th June, while the next planned PC meeting is 8th July. We cannot even get a Village Hall booking to suit when this happens, hence Stoke Doyle Church, which is usually available.

Simpler alteration type planning applications can often be agreed between Councillors by email if they don’t align with a regular meeting.

If you lived in a town or city, your town or city council would have to scrutinise town or city planning applications as a consultee, just as the parish council is a consultee to ENC on parish planning.

In other words, we have to look at planning applications, we have to be involved, looking objectively at planning applications for errors and, with local insight, for neighbour and Conservation area material effects.

Hope that explains what is a perfectly normal process. Planning applications are always looked at objectively.

These might help your understanding.......




'Bearshanks Crossroads' has had its 'Give Way' signs improved this week(20/5/19), after persistent requests since March !!!


This is where the road from Pilton and Lilford comes up to meet the Aldwincle to Stoke Doyle/Oundle road.
As you approach the crossroads from Pilton direction, there was, before this week, only a short stubby 'Give Way' sign as a warning that you were approaching the main Aldwincle to Stoke Doyle/Oundle road, and that was often hidden in shadow and below the hedge line opposite.
Too many drivers in the past have found themselves not noticing the approaching crossroads, and driving blindly straight across before realising.
This happened recently while this route was being used as a detour to avoid the A605 roadworks. These words were written by an eyewitness: "The junction that concerns me is the road coming from pilton / from two hump bridges to the main Oundle road. I almost witnessed an accident with a friend who happened to drive past two seconds after I saw a white van in front of me, coming from Pilton brake too late to stop before the crossing onto the main Oundle road. They screeched to a halt in the middle of the road. So Luckily nothing was coming but two seconds later (as I drew up to crossing) he would have hit my friend who was passing."
As well as near misses, there was unfortunately a two car collision here back in 2014, luckily occupants escaping with only minor injuries.


Hopefully, with there now being two tall 'Give Way' signs, the junction is now more visible, and so safer for us all !!



With the old delapidated wooden noticeboard in Stoke Doyle having finally fallen off the wall, it was replaced on 24th April 2019 using Parish Council funds and with half the cost coming from an ENC Member Empowerment Grant from Cllr Jake Vowles. The new sign is made from aluminium.



On 19th November 2018 there was an open meeting of our Parish Council to discuss the agenda item “To agree on a joint approach to tackling the misuse of the River Nene in Wadenhoe by disrespectful fishermen”.

This had been prompted by a letter received by the Parish Council from the Secretary of Peterborough & District Angling Association. He had come fishing here and was “absolutely horrified at the extreme abuse” of our river bank in the water meadows. This included the remains of large bonfires, litter from alcohol and food consumption, discarded fishing litter, damage to bank vegetation and to trees, a human toilet area with used tissue (as well as a lot of general dog mess around the reserve).

The Wadenhoe and Pilton fisheries on the Nene are rented by the Kettering Thrapston & District Angling Association (KTDAA), and they were at their wits end, on the verge of giving up the fisheries, having just lost their only bailiff, and not knowing a way out of the situation.

The problem was a known one, but how to get help about it was not.

All the signs (from the litter) were that Eastern European migrants were largely responsible.

Much of it was going on at night, and many club rules were being broken (club membership being a prerequisite for fishing on these waters)  including NO night fishing, No fires, No littering, No fish to be taken away, etc, etc.

National fishing laws were thought to be being broken too, including fishing without a UK rod licence (fine £2,500 + conviction), river fishing in the 15th March to 15th June (inclusive) Coarse Fish Close Season (fine up to £50,000 + conviction), fishing with too many rods, fishing with hidden lines, fishing with nets or trapping, taking fish away, & harming wildlife.

The letter which prompted the matter being taken up by the Parish Council contained the clue for finding a way out of this problem. The Peterborough angling club had found help in the same situation from the Angling Trust’s Building Bridges Project, set up in 2011, part funded by the Environment Agency, to improve the understanding in Eastern European communities of the bye-laws and angling culture of this country.

Our problem fishermen needed to learn about these laws and our fishing culture, such as our catch and release ethos - not catch for the pot, our Countryside Code of clearing up after you, our Close Season, the requirement for a rod licence,  and for membership of the KTDAA, whose rules must be followed.

So the way forward was to attract the attention to our plight of the Angling Trust and their Fisheries Enforcement Support Service, their Volunteer Bailiff Scheme, and their Building Bridges Project Team, for help to educate our migrant anglers; plus the Environment Agency with their Fisheries Enforcement Team, and Northamptonshire Police, to report infringements to if education signs and leaflets still don’t work.

All their attentions were duly attracted, and they all turned up to the Parish Council meeting in Wadenhoe Village Hall to take part in the discussion and help us.

Available to view at the meeting were many photos of our fisheries,  and of the mess left by our problem anglers, as well as a lot of introductory literature about the groups that were coming to  help us, about the individuals that were coming from those groups, and the roles they play. A framework for the coming discussion was handed out.

At the meeting, some Wadenhoe residents, living near the fishery, or regularly walking in the water meadows, spoke about their observations, and how disturbing the activity was, especially at night with powerful torch lights and noise, and about the mess left behind, and their concern for the wildlife and environment.

The Secretary of Peterborough & District Angling Association spoke about what had brought him to write to the Parish Council, and how much his area had improved after intervention .

The Angling Trust Building Bridges Project Officer offered good optimistic support, signage, and translation of bespoke signs, and has helped us ever since.

The Angling Trust spoke about us needing proper bailiffing, but that there was a shortage of that. We felt that a few villagers would be interested in training on their Volunteer Bailiff Scheme, and other villagers would walk around with them in support while walking their dogs anyway.

It was emphasised over and over again the need to report all illegal or suspicious fishing or related incidents both to the Environment Agency 24hr number (0800 80 70 60) [and get a reference number from them], and to Northamptonshire Police on 999 if a crime is currently being witnessed, or on 101 or online if the activity has ended. Quote ‘Operation Traverse’ to the Police if they don’t take you seriously – this is a nationwide campaign against fishing crime, which is still crime, and again get a reference number. Try to get photos or video, descriptions and registration numbers, but firstly stay safe.

The need to report is not necessarily, or even expected, to achieve a race to the scene (though it will happen if possible for a 999 depending on circumstances), but the information adds to the statistics so the Environment Agency or Police know the hotspots, can look for regularity, and potentially stake-out a scene if a pattern is established, and lots of reports may help towards more local manpower.

It was stressed also that the majority of Eastern European migrant anglers are playing by the rules and fishing legally – it is just a minority causing the problems and needing education, in the same way as a minority of British fishermen break the rules, such as by fishing without a rod licence.

The Northamptonshire Police PC present said he finds Google Translate good as a means of communicating with non-English speakers, and recommends it. Also, where felt comfortable and safe to do so, do break down barriers by speaking to foreign anglers.

So, in summary of that important meeting of minds, we could see that a degree of self help was needed, beginning with much better informative multilingual signage so that nobody can use ignorance as an excuse; secondly, we must report ALL incidents or suspicious observations to the Environment Agency helpline 0800 80 70 60, Police 101 or online, and to the local Neighbourhood Watch representatives who always need to know what is going on; and thirdly, there must be more active bailiffing, checking rod licences, membership, and careful observation checking that people are fishing legally and to club rules.

Additionally, the support of the meeting was given to the Wadenhoe Trust for installing a gate on the entrance to the Mill Car Park by the Wadenhoe water meadows fishery, which is to be secured at night as a deterrent to night fishing or any other night time car park activities.

The next visit to Wadenhoe was made by the same Angling Trust Building Bridges Project Officer on 2nd February 2019. He was shown around the Wadenhoe and Pilton Nene fisheries fished by the KTDAA, taking in our problems and the problem areas; he had brought translations into Polish, Romanian and Lithuanian, of a KTDAA fishing club rules sign that he had been sent, and potential locations for the new bespoke signs were discussed. He was so taken with the fisheries he was determined that he would come and fish here himself.

Then, last Friday, 5th April 2019, our Angling Trust Building Bridges man came again, newly promoted to Project Manager for England and Wales; and he was accompanied by three experienced Angling Trust Volunteer Bailiffs from Peterborough and the Fens. We were brought multilingual solid plastic ‘Closed Season’ signs (15th March – 15th June) to put up (there has actually been no sign of anyone breaking the closed season rules this year yet). The bailiffs were shown the Wadenhoe water meadow fishery, and discussed our problems. They knew of a good Volunteer Bailiff who was looking for a stretch of the Nene to adopt, and so would let him know about us as we definitely need an Angling Trust Volunteer Bailiff.

The first bespoke multilingual sign for our Wadenhoe and Pilton fisheries was ready to show them, and got the thumbs up, so more of them will be made up and rolled out around the Wadenhoe and Pilton fisheries as soon as possible. They are not very robust or expensive, as we expect some of them may get wrecked (let us know if they do), so we will monitor their progress and how well they weather.

Also we will be trying to get a few villagers trained on the Angling Trust Volunteer Bailiff Scheme when space is available on the course.

And, looking to the future, we are, as you can see, doing something to help ourselves.....

All fishermen and visitors will see the new multilingual signage or might find a multilingual ‘Play by the Rules’ angling leaflet under their windscreen wiper, so to the problem fishermen there is to be no excuse for ignorance, and to the visitors or locals there is the information there to report illegal or suspicious activity to the Environment Agency 24hr number 0800 80 70 60, and to the Police.

Stepped up bailiffing means it is intended to have more checks on all anglers for rod licence and club membership this year.

The Close Season fishing penalty (up to £50,000 plus a conviction) and the penalty for not having a UK Rod Licence (£2,500 plus a conviction) are on the signs multilingually, so you would have to be pretty stupid to ignore those rules (or not speaking English, Polish, Romanian or Lithuanian).

The Environment Agency want to know of any damage, pollution, poaching, fishing in an illegal way, or illegal removals, so if you see or suspect bonfires, littering, night fishing, fishing by netting or bank lines, etc, etc, do ring 0800 80 70 60 so that you too are part of the solution!

The Police need to know, for ‘Operation Traverse’, if any UK fishing laws are being broken, including fishing without a UK rod licence (fine £2,500 + conviction), river fishing in the 15th March to 15th June (inclusive) Coarse Fish Close Season (fine up to £50,000 + conviction), fishing with more than 2 rods, fishing with hidden lines, fishing with nets or trapping, taking fish away, & harming wildlife. Do gather identifying information for them if you can, and report it, again so that you too are part of the solution!



Our new Parish Council Clerk is

Hanneke Soans, email: psdw.parish@gmail.com, tel: 01832 270036


The road sign at Pilton, which points to all our three Parish villages,

has been professionally refurbished, at the request of the Parish Council,

by Jonathan Lines of 'Fine Lines' in Corby.

Funding for this refurbishment work was greatly helped by a

Member Empowerment Fund Grant from ENC Councillor Jake Vowles,

which paid 75%, which was then topped up from our own Parish Council funds.

Before: Edges rotting (photo from 2015), the sign was now also losing its letters...

After (30/1/19): new finger boards, repainted, reclaimed & new lettering...




"A Joint Approach To Tackling the Misuse of the River Nene in our Parish by Disrespectful Fishermen" 

7pm Monday 12th November

Wadenhoe Village Hall PE8 5ST

{To begin after the 6.30pm Parish Council meeting}

Speakers to include:

An Angling Trust Building Bridges Project Officer

       {The ‘Building Bridges’ Project provides a facility to educate and integrate migrant anglers, and is an important component of a police-based enforcement strategy. Building Bridges is a component part of the Fisheries Enforcement Support Service}.

Kettering Thrapston & District Angling Association

Peterborough & District Angling Association

Environment Agency Fisheries Enforcement Officer







After the vandalism of last February, the repair work on the north aisle roof of St Michael & All Angels Church, Wadenhoe, finally started on Monday last week, 17th September,  with the erection of the scaffolding.  The actual roof work is progressing well, and they anticipate that the whole job could be completed by the middle of October.  Attached is a photograph taken on Monday this week, 24th September,  showing the extent of the work on the roof to then with some of the thin stainless steel having been laid.  The gutter will be lined in thin stainless steel.  No lead will be used, as was the case before the needless vandalism, and even the flashings will still not be in lead.

Generous donations from many people near and far who love this church have helped pay for this repair to be done, so our heartfelt thanks go out to you all!



It is great to see the automated external defibrillator (AED) up in position on Wadenhoe Village Hall.

Thank you so much to Nicola for organising its funding, to all who contributed, and to Pete for fitting it.

A defibrillator is a device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart through the chest wall to someone who is in cardiac arrest. The device itself decides whether the shock is actually required.

This high energy shock is called defibrillation, and it's an essential life saving step in the chain of survival.

These defibrillators are often known as public access defibrillators (PAD) as anyone can use them in an emergency. You shouldn’t be afraid of using a defibrillator if someone has had a cardiac arrest.

The machine gives clear spoken instructions. You don't need training to use one. However, if you take advantage of one of the local Heartstart training sessions then that will give you more confidence that you can use one by familiarising you with one, and they will also teach you CPR.

In such an emergency, you just need to call 999 to get the access code to the cabinet, and then you can easily carry the AED to the casualty, open it, and it will start talking to you.



As a consequence of Northamptonshire withdrawing its subsidy, Thrapston and the following villages will no longer be served by CallConnect (which is run by Lincolnshire County Council) after Saturday 1st September :

Achurch, Aldwincle, Armston, Barnwell, Blatherwyche, Bulwick, Brigstock, Clopton, Deene, Deenethorpe, Fineshade Abbey, Harringworth, Hemington, Islip,  Laxton, Lifford, Lower Benefield, Lowick, Luddington in the Brook, Lutton, Pilton, Slipton, Stoke Doyle, Sudborough, Thorpe Waterville, Thrapston, Thurning, Titchmarsh, Twywell, Upper Benefield, Wadenhoe, Wakerley, Warmington and Wigsthorpe.

Lincolnshire have emailed the CallConnect subscribers in Northamptonshire advising them of the changes.





From Neighbourhood alerts, posted last month (July).....

- With the school summer holidays just around the corner it may be very tempting for young persons to meet up at lock locations along the River Nene to take a dip and cool down. This is very dangerous due to the depths of the lock and not being able to see what lays under the water, such as weed. This is as well as strong currents around weir's that have there own dangers. If you see any persons swimming at a lock or weir location please call and report it to Police and Fire or the Environment Agency who govern all the locks along the River Nene.

[You may have noticed 'Danger - No River Access Permitted' signs have gone up in the Village Hall car park and the Kings Head gardens; this was as a consequence of Environment Agency concerns worded to The Wadenhoe Trust due to the proximity of the lock and the weir; it hasn't stopped the experienced regular river swimmers going in, but hopefully no inexperienced people will follow their example, go in, and get into trouble. If you must go in, the answer must be to join up with the experienced group and follow their instructions and guidance.]



You may have spotted a new gate fitted across the church track after the first cattle grid. This will be connected to existing fencing by additional post & rail fencing & sheep netting, and will have the joint task of keeping in those agile lambs which seem to be able to negotiate a cattle grid :-) and of course provide security for the church meadow, car park, and of course the church itself. It will be padlocked (keyholders and hours of locking unknown at present).



Thieves vandalised the roof of the north aisle of Wadenhoe's Church of St Michael and All Angels aiming to steal lead, on Sunday night, 11th February 2018.
They probably thought the roof was entirely covered in lead, but they thought wrong, because in about 1999 the roofs of the church were mainly covered in stainless steel sheeting, which has weathered to the colour of lead.
They have actually got away with not much lead at all.
However they have left a mess of peeled back stainless steel sheeting, and a north aisle which is no longer weatherproof. They have also damaged some ancient stonework.
And of course they have upset an entire village!
The north aisle pews have had to be covered with plastic sheeting for their protection.

Please, if you feel you CAN help towards the funds for the repair of the vandalised north aisle roof of Wadenhoe's Church of St Michael and All Angels, the Church Warden says "Regarding your enquiry about the best way to get money to a fund, I would suggest that should anyone wish to make a donation towards the cost of repairing the damaged roof of our active and historical 800 year old church, a cheque payable to the 'Wadenhoe PCC Account Number Two' would be appreciated" [PCC = Parochial Church Council]. The roof is insured, but the cover is limited because of the risk and so will not pay for much of the damage. Cheques can be posted to The Treasurer, Wadenhoe PCC, Fairhope, Wadenhoe, Peterborough PE8 5SU. Many thanks!

An online Justgiving website donation page is also being set up.



Did you know you can report criminal incidents online after the event if you can't wait to use 101, including on behalf of somebody, at


PCSO Ali Wallace asked us to let you know, adding

"Hope this helps with people reporting things".





On 18 January 2018, Defra introduced an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone in all of England. This means it is a legal requirement for all bird keepers to follow strict biosecurity measures, whether they have commercial flocks or just a few birds in a backyard flock. On 22nd January 2018, Amwell Nature Reserve in Hertfordshire, only 60 miles away, was closed due to bird flu; there has been bird flu in Warwickshire too. For information see...........



'Wadenhoe Village Through Time'

The documentary research literature produced for the 'Wadenhoe Village Through Time' exhibition, held back in October 2017, is now available here for you to read at your leisure. [Or just scroll down and choose the option on the menu on the left].



"As you are probably aware the majority of Wadenhoe village forms part of the Superfast Northamptonshire project to bring superfast broadband services to the area as part of our contract 2 plans with BT. This contract is due to complete by the end of 2017.

The fibre cabinet which is to serve the village is called ‘Clopton 5’ and was scheduled to complete this month. However BT are unable to complete a section of works this side of Christmas, which means the cabinet is unable to go ‘live’ until 2018. Some of the works are located on a school bus route and unfortunately they don’t have authority to work on the Highway until the New Year. BT continue to be in close dialog with Highways.

I appreciate that this is not the outcome you are looking for, but unfortunately with a major civil engineering project like this, there are always risks of unknown complications and issues arising which need to be managed. We are however in continuous discussion with BT over the delivery of Clopton 5 and will update the Roll Out schedule on the project website as soon as we have further information.

We’ll provide you with an update of progress in the New Year.

Kindest regards

Broadband Delivery Team"

............& from Northamptonshire Highways........

"Rebeck Communication are requiring to install a BT duct across the bridge on Pilton Road, Lilford.  To undertake this work safely will require that the section of road from Lock House to over the bridge will need to be closed from the 9th to 18th January 2018."


"Lest we forget...."


New Rector

This is our new Rector, the Revd Canon Brian Withington, and his wife Jacky.

His induction service is on Sunday 10th December at 3pm in Titchmarch Church.


Introducing Brian and Jacky Withington.....(in his own words).......

"As December still seems a fair way off we thought you might like a picture and brief introduction to your new Rector. Complaints about the selection should be addressed to your parish representatives who shared in this responsibility!

For our part we very much like what we have seen of the seven parishes which make up the benefice along one of the most beautiful stretches of the River Nene and look forward to getting to know you and work with you.

So, who are we?

Brian has been married to Jacky for 42years. They have two daughters Jo and Abbie. Jo has severe learning difficulties and lives in a Christian Community in South Wales. Jo makes regular visits home and loves church, so you will get to know her in due course. Abbie, a primary trained teacher, is married to Steve (a sound and lighting engineer), they live in Kettering and have two boys, William who is nearly seven years and Edward nearly seven months.

Both before and after his ordination as a priest in 1997 Brian worked in the Probation Service. He served as a curate and self-supporting minister at St John the Baptist in the centre of Peterborough and since 2004 has been priest-in-charge of a number of villages on the south side of Kettering around Broughton. For the last ten years he has also been Rural Dean of Kettering.

Jacky has a background in social work and caring having managed a local authority children’s home, worked as learning support assistant, and as an activities co-ordinator for a local charity providing residential care for disabled young adults. Jacky was licensed as a Lay Pastoral Minister in 2008.

As a couple we enjoy walking, music and theatre, as well as spending time with family - our two grandsons in particular. Jacky is a gardener and stitcher, and more recently become the keeper of three hens – William, George & Mrs Pepperpot – guess who named them! Brian also enjoys cricket (as a spectator these days), cooking and reading.

We both look forward to getting to know you, working alongside you and sharing in church and community life in the benefice during the coming months."


Find out more about & have your say in Northamptonshire County Council's public consultations here on their website's consultations page.


The Wadenhoe History Group's "Wadenhoe Village Through Time" Exhibition will be initially open for viewing to Wadenhoe village residents only, from 7.30pm on Friday evening, 20th October 2017.

It is being sponsored by The Wadenhoe Trust, who are also providing free refreshments to villagers on the Friday evening.

If you are a village resident interested in attending on the Friday evening, please RSVP to stephen-hall@zen.co.uk, or ring Stephen on 720093, so numbers can be gauged.

On display will be "A Collection of Photographs and Memorabilia" of historical Wadenhoe and its past residents, including militaria and other interesting items relating to the village.

This will be accompanied by a timeline of "Wadenhoe Village Through Time", and a newly compiled alphabetic listing of "Wadenhoe Villagers Through Time"(look up your surname!), plus Wadenhoe Village Census lists from 1841-1911.

You might want to bring along something you have relating to Wadenhoe's past too - we would be interested to know what you have!

The exhibition will continue, open to the general public, over the weekend Sat 21st to Sun 22nd Oct, but just in the afternoons from 3pm-5pm, so please tell all Wadenhoe lovers!




In a letter to the Bridges Team Leader of Northamptonshire Highways, dated 17th December, the Chairman of the Parish Council has thanked them for surpassing all obstacles and getting us the permanent Lilford bridges traffic lights.....

"I am writing on behalf of Pilton, Stoke Doyle and Wadenhoe Parish Council to thank you and your team for managing the process of installing permanent traffic lights across the two bridges between Pilton and Lilford. As you know this is an issue which we first raised with Northamptonshire Highways 12 years ago, so I must say we are delighted that the road and bridges are now much safer for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, horse riders and river boats - thanks to this installation.

Many regular users of the road have expressed their satisfaction with the outcome, so we would like to thank the Bridges team, Northamptonshire Highways and Western Power for their sterling work in bringing this long drawn out process to a successful conclusion.

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,"

The Bridges Team Leader has replied......

"Thank you for taking the time to compose and send this letter. It is much appreciated. Yes it has been a long time coming. I remember coming to meet the Parish Council about twelve years ago and at the time it did seem that the lack of electricity at the site would preclude us from ever being able to protect the bridge properly. We got there in the end. I am pleased that so many road users are happy with the installation."



The new permanent traffic lights at Lilford bridges were commissioned and working well by the end of tuesday 6th December 2016.

Our thanks go out to all who have helped make this possible.

The new setup includes sensors for waterways engineers coming out of the gateway between the bridges, and for livestock being moved from the field entrance between the lights.

Please do still drive carefully over the brow of the stone bridge in case somebody is coming the other way unexpectedly.



Western Power are confident that the bridges will ‘officially’ reopen tomorrow evening (Friday 25th November).

However the actual ‘commissioning’ of the new lights, (ie. the permanent installation), by Northamptonshire Highways, will not take place until Monday 5th December (hopefully without any road closure).

This will mark the end of a 12 year battle by Pilton, Stoke Doyle and Wadenhoe PC.


Support the call by our MP and our local council to change the name of our 'Corby' voting constituency to 'Corby and East Northamptonshire'. Even just 'East Northamptonshire' is more representative of the actual area involved. We live in the very middle of this constituency. Corby is right over on the western boundary over 20 minutes drive away and also happens to be in East Northamptonshire.

Our constituency boundary is not actually changing, but please, if you agree, take this rare opportunity to support the call by our MP and by East Northants Council for our constituency name to be changed. Have your say by commenting on the Boundary Commission England's consultation before 5th December 2016. Go to........



Northamptonshire Highways have actually installed some permanent traffic lights at Lilford bridges in the past week!!!  They have also adjusted the positioning of the white lining in the road at both ends of the bridges, so that if people stop in the correct place there is more safe space for traffic coming the other way to pass them. Western Power appear to have almost completed the cable installation under the roadway. All looks set for it all to be completed in the coming week :-) 


Northamptonshire County Council has launched a very interesting new local heritage website. The heritage map facility for example shows every listed building in the county..........



Western Power's power cable installation for the traffic lights at Lilford bridges is progressing well (12th Nov). After one week of road closure they have about 125m still to go of ditching in the roadway, burying and tarmacing. They have also put up a double 'telegraph post' power installation structure in-line with the cable.


Don't forget the Pilton to Lilford road is closed 7th-25th Nov while 393m of power cable is put in to reach the permanent traffic lights at Lilford bridges. For details see....... https://roadworks.org/


BT/ENC Public consultation about 29 proposed public payphone removals in East Northants. These include Pilton and Stoke Doyle, but not Wadenhoe. The box at Pilton is actually a listed building (like Wadenhoe's), so it could not actually be removed............... CLICK HERE.


More information has just come in this afternoon, 20th October, about the work to connect the new Lilford bridges permanent traffic lights to the mains electricity, and it unfortunately involves a longer than expected closure of the bridges, as hinted at by the Temporary Prohibition Order posted before below.

Western Power will begin work as soon as next Monday 24th October laying high and low voltage cables under the verge starting from a powerline up towards Bearshanks crossroads, down to Pilton crossroads (they will have to cross the road with it), and then down the verge to the traffic lights control box at the bridges.

The Lilford bridges road will actually be closed to through traffic for the three weeks starting from 7th to 25th November.

Work is expected to be completed by 9th December.

Sorry for any confusion, but the "3 days’ closure”, that Highways originally told us would be necessary, will be for their linking up the new power supply with the new permanent traffic lights, and that will now hopefully take place during the three weeks’ closure.

Western Power add that the new cables will also improve future provision for Pilton village.


From Page 15 of Nene Valley News of 8th Oct 2016, the confirmation that the Lilford Bridges permanent traffic lights are planned to be installed this November. We understand that the bridge closure will actually only be for a couple of days. The actual date of the work is not known yet, but looks to be between 7th and 25th.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Northamptonshire County
Council intend, not less than seven days from the date of this Notice,
to make an Order the effect of which will be to prohibit traffic from
proceeding along that length of Lilford Road, Pilton as set out below.
That length of Lilford Road, Pilton from Oundle Road to Wadenhoe
REASONS FOR RESTRICTION: The restriction is required for
safety during the installation of traffic lights.
PERIOD OF CLOSURE: The proposed Order will come into effect
on 7th November 2016 and will continue in force for a period of
eighteen months. An application may be made for the approval of
the Secretary of State for Transport for the Order to be extended if
this proves necessary. However, the restriction specified will have
effect only at such times and to such an extent as is indicated by
the display of signs prescribed by the Traffic Signs Regulations and
General Directions 2016.
EXPECTED DURATION: It is expected that the road will be
restricted until 25th November.
ALTERNATIVE ROUTES: use Oundle Road, Barnwell Road and
Stoke Doyle Road.
Dated this 8th day of October 2016
Director of Law & Governance
If you require any further information please contact Gary Thorp on
01604 883400."


Northamptonshire Highways have proposed instigating a 30mph speed limit on Main Street within the village of Pilton. This has obviously been an oversight in the past. [06/10/16]


The 12th Sept 2016 Parish Council meeting was attended by BT's East Midlands Regional Partnerships Director Paul Bimson.

Wadenhoe IS in the phase 2 plan to get faster broadband early next year (2017).

Pilton and Stoke Doyle are not in this phase 2 of the plan. Pilton may be brought into plan as it is developed, as the cable has to come past Pilton to get to Wadenhoe anyway; the Parish Council will be lobbying to try to make that happen.

From the current Clopton exchange a fibre cable will be brought to a new cabinet in Wadenhoe, and then the signal will continue in the existing copper cable to individual properties. This will give 18mbps+, BT Infinity speed being 15mbps+.

There are more advances all the time, it was pointed out, and they want to get us even faster, ie.Superfast 24mbps+.

For example, in Huntingdon they are trialling something called g.dotfast in the final copper cable to houses which boosts to 500 mbps (Ultrafast is 100mbps+).


'Before' and 'After' photos of Saturday's work at Wadenhoe War Memorial. (21/5/2016)



Two visitors’ books from the tea stall run by the Women’s United Total Abstinence Council on Peterborough East Railway Station during 1916 and 1917 are the germ for a new WW1 research website. Servicemen travelling through Peterborough on their way to and from the Front wrote messages, poems or drew pictures to express their gratitude to the ladies serving them tea and cake.
These slim volumes provide a unique insight into the servicemen who were passing through Peterborough during two years of the Great War. The men came from across the country and the books highlight the city’s importance as a railway
hub during this period. The books have been digitised and transcribed and are available on their website. They are in the process of researching the servicemen’s stories. Take a look! Are your Ancestors on there?


Jonathan Lines, Peter Watson and Trevor Pocknell have spent this morning, Saturday 21/05/16, digging out the turf and soil from around and within the railings of Wadenhoe War Memorial, and creating a gravelboard surround filled with gravel over a permeable membrane. This should protect the railing paintwork from strimmer damage, and control vegetation overgrowth. More gravel is needed yet, and re-pointing of the memorial's concrete base.


Our thanks go to Stephen Hall for getting all the potholes repaired with tarmac on the track up to Wadenhoe Church! :-)  [May 2016]


Our Parish War Dead...(8th May 2016)

The 'Our Parish War Dead' section of this website has now been completed within these Centenary years of WW1, and makes for very interesting reading.


Captain George Culme Seymour died yesterday 101 years ago,

and Captain George Ward Hunt died tomorrow 101 years ago.

It is important we know something about the lives of the people of this Parish named on our memorials (and the few not on our memorials), 16 in all.

If you know of any others, do let us know!

[TIP: If you scroll this page down first until the 'Our Parish War Dead' tab is near the top left of the screen, and then hover your cursor over that tab, then all 16 soldiers names appear for your selection]


The Lilford bridges are temporarily re-opened!(06/05/16)

With Northamptonshire Highways having concluded the preparatory road work and signage in four weeks, the next step, by a specialist electrical team, will be the installation of the electricity cable so that the permanent traffic lights can be powered. In the meantime temporary traffic lights are in place again in the same position as they were before.


When we have a date for the next stage we will let you know.


Third week progress report on Lilford traffic lights(30/04/16)

The third week of progress on the Lilford bridges installation of permanent traffic lights shows strong road widening to 6 metres at both ends of the bridges, and the building of raised kerbing for signage. [Pictures]


Two weeks progress report on Lilford bridges(23/04/16)

The second week of progress on the groundwork for the new traffic lights at Lilford bridges showed excavation and road-widening work at each end of the bridges so traffic will be able to stand to allow traffic to pass, and more work done on the trunking for cabling. [Pictures]


Work started on Lilford bridges Traffic Lights on 11th April

Good progress at Lilford bridges, after a week they have put in a long stretch of trunking for cabling for the new permanent traffic lights. They also have road widening to do at either end of the bridges, but they hope to be done in 3 rather than 4 weeks with their ground work. The actual electrical work of fitting the cabling and traffic lights, and getting mains electricity to the site, will be done by a specialist team, and that may be done as a separate job with a return to temporary traffic lights in between times. [Pictures]


The Latest on Lilford Bridges Traffic Lights (29th March 2016)

Please note that the sign that has just gone up saying the bridges will be closed from Monday 11th April for four weeks Monday to Friday is actually not quite correct as the road will be closed at the weekends as well, ie. 24/7 for 4 weeks.


War Memorials Online

The website War Memorials Online, associated with the War Memorials Trust, has been updated for the record with photos and information following the Wadenhoe War Memorial refurbishment. It also includes photos and details of the war memorials to be found in Wadenhoe Church of St Michael and All Angels.


Pilton, Stoke Doyle and Wadenhoe Village Design Statement is now a statutory Supplementary Planning Document.

On 22 February 2016 the Pilton, Stoke Doyle and Wadenhoe Village Design Statement was adopted by East Northamptonshire Council as a statutory Supplementary Planning Document.

It was prepared by a locally appointed Village Design Statement (VDS) group led by Pilton, Stoke Doyle and Wadenhoe Parish Council.  The VDS was prepared over a two year period, and submitted to East Northamptonshire Council in April 2015. The VDS places an emphasis to “ensure that the unique visual character of our villages remain intact”.

In July 2015 East Northamptonshire Council approved the draft VDS for consultation, with a view to adopting the Pilton, Stoke Doyle and Wadenhoe Village Design Statement as a statutory Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). This consultation took place over 6 weeks (17 August - 28 September 2015, inclusive). 

In accordance with Part 4 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (Statutory Instrument 2012 No. 767), as amended, the Pilton, Stoke Doyle and Wadenhoe VDS was adopted by the Council as a statutory SPD on 22 February 2016.

The Pilton, Stoke Doyle and Wadenhoe VDS, is now a statutory Local Development Document and supplements the statutory Local Plan for East Northamptonshire, covering the Parish areas of Pilton, Stoke Doyle and Wadenhoe. The VDS sets out detailed design principles, to provide information to developers and others on the three village areas and to try to encompass the character of the villages and the people so that designs made for changes and additions, large and small, can be made sympathetically.  Now adopted, it will supplement relevant development management policies within the East Northamptonshire Local Plan and is now a material consideration for determining planning applications within the Parishes of Pilton, Stoke Doyle and Wadenhoe.

See Village Design Statement.

[Note: we cannot put the actual VDS document on this website as it is 6221kb and this website's document size limit is 500kb, but you can easily download it from ENC's website to your computer]


Parish Remembrance folder now in Wadenhoe Church

The next time you are visiting Wadenhoe's Church of St.Michael and All Angels, you may be interested to take a look at the new Remembrance folder of research now resident there, and viewable on the table on the left just inside. This illustrated folder contains research about each of sixteen individuals who were born in or lived in the Parish of Pilton, Stoke Doyle and Wadenhoe, and who died in the two World Wars.


## The Lilford bridges were reopened this afternoon ##

##     (Fri 13th Nov) with temporary traffic lights.        ##



We have been informed by Raymond Price, Bridges Team Leader at Northamptonshire Highways, that they have decided to give the Lilford bridges over the River Nene.........PERMANENT TRAFFIC LIGHTS!!!! (Applause)

He said that everybody's letters DID make a difference showing the amount of local concern, so thanks to all who got involved - you helped this happen!

The amount they have had to spend in repairs on the bridge over the last 5 years in terms of materials and labour, and on temporary traffic lights and their associated upkeep and manpower, is VERY significant, and they need to try to put a stop to that once and for all by investing in this new permanent traffic control.

Our Parish Council first asked for this 12 years ago. We are very pleased!

The installation will take place THIS financial year, starting Jan/Feb 2016.

In the meantime, when the current repairs are completed, which will be this Friday/Saturday 13/14th November, they will have reinstalled the temporary traffic lights.


Wadenhoe Remembers.........

A one-off laminated research folder has been created of information about the dead of both World Wars who were born or lived in Wadenhoe. It is hoped it will be at Wadenhoe War Memorial each Remembrance Sunday, and it is available on short term loan for time to read it from Trevor Pocknell, 5 The Green (720012). It is an ongoing project, so if you have any relevant information please get in touch.

Also, there is now a 'Wadenhoe Remembers....' page on this website.


Wadenhoe War Memorial railings, stonework, & lettering restored

The stonework of Wadenhoe War Memorial was blasted clean on Monday 2nd November 2015, and all the lettering repainted on Tuesday 3rd. A really sympathetic and brilliant job has been done by JG Cross Monumental Masons from Crowland, so our thanks to them.

Nene Engineering of Peterborough brought back and installed the repaired and restored War Memorial railings on tuesday 27th October 2015. They have done a great job, so many thanks to them too!

To pay for all this work the Parish is grateful to two parties;  two thirds of the cost is covered by a grant from The War Memorials Trust, and for the other one third the people of Wadenhoe are grateful to the Wadenhoe Trust.


Lilford Bridge Rebuild Under Way

13 Nov 2015 - Bridge reopened!

07 Nov 2015 - Again a week of bad weather, but long established specialist Northampton stonemasons Underwood & Weston have in position most of the top two layers of stone now.

31 Oct 2015 - It has been a very wet rainy week, but most of the bridge columns are now in place, and more stone is now on site. Additional: the local farmer has taken advantage of the road closure and cleared out the ditch and cut the hedge.

24 Oct 2015 - Scaffolding in place including weight hoisting joist; clearance & preparation of build surfaces; starting to position some stone blocks. Additional: straightening & improvement of warning signage up towards Pilton; broken sheep field railing repair; road mark and verge clearance near layby/field entrance for something.


Lilford Weir/Sluice works.

The JN Bentley Ltd Civil Engineering & Construction company compound which has been set up in the field on the south side of the Pilton side of the Lilford bridges, near the River Nene, is for their £150,000 contract for the Environment Agency working on the Lilford Weir / Sluice, running from 14 Sept to 23 Oct 2015.


Lilford Bridge Rebuild Date Changed (23/09/15)

The Lilford Bridge works have been put back to 19th October 2015.


Lilford Bridge Reinstatement Date Announced

Northamptonshire Highways are requiring to carry out works on the bridge structure which will require that the road is closed. It is expected that the road will be closed for up to three weeks from the 5th October 2015. This work has been delayed at the request of farmers until harvesting has ended. The installation of permanent traffic lights is still under consideration, with a final decision likely by the beginning of November.


Wadenhoe War Memorial Restoration

Wondering what is happening to Wadenhoe War Memorial?
The railings have been taken away for renovation, and the memorial itself is to be cleaned and restored, expected to be done by Remembrance Day.
Three-quarters of the cost is to be met thanks to a grant from the War Memorials Trust, & the remainder is to be generously covered by the Wadenhoe Trust.



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