The idea is, simply, when you are out and about, to keep an eye out for the unusual, whether lying around, or any sign of suspicious or criminal activity, or vandalism, and report it back possibly to your local NHW contact who could pass it on, or by 101, or 999 if urgent.

(Note: a dog is NOT a requirement!)

This should make everyone feel involved, whether villagers/walkers/runners/cyclists/riders/visitors, and feel more connected and more responsible for their village, its scattered buildings, and its surrounding countryside, farms, and livestock.

Anyone who would like to be known as the local contact point, though an official person is not necessary, for residents to join up with or learn more about our local Dogwatch enthusiasts, please make themselves known to your NHW contacts, or to Sylvia at the Old Barn. Otherwise please just report anything you think is suspicious either to the Police or locally, depending on what you feel is its importance.

It could also include reporting back to your NHW contact about litter problems, or fly tipping, or it could even evolve into some ‘Dogwatch’ walkers just taking a binbag with them and feeling good about helping clean up their own neighbourhood, as some dogwalkers do in Barnwell.

{There is also a Northamptonshire Dogwatch which can be joined if you want by enrolling online, by email, or by ringing 101 ext 341148 - You get a badge!}.

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