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Prudhoe in Bloom 2016

The photographs of all our wonderful entries can be viewed on the Facebook page for Highfield Fest, if you have a Facebook Account just click on the link.

If you don't have a Facebook Account and you want to view the video, please contact Sarah on (01661) 853487.


On the morning of Saturday 17th September, Prudhoe Parish Hall hosted the Prudhoe in Bloom Result Presentation Competition.  This was a local celebration of gardening effort and achievement, and community spirit.  Chairman Councillor Mrs Jennifer McGee said "lots of people in the town go an extra mile to make the place special and that is a lot of what Prudhoe in Bloom is about.  ‘Taking Pride in Your Patch’ is why we have the new Community Awards, we hope to build on these entries each year and see more and more examples popping up around the town."

The Community Awards should be the most celebrated.  Those entered into the spirit of this section are those gardening and sprucing up patches that are not their own, they maybe beside where they live or an extension of their own garden but they are certainly doing ‘more’ to keep up appearances and make our little corner of the world a bit special. 

Our entries were … the corner of Orchard Close as you turn right onto Park Lane; this area, including grass, hedging and plants is lovingly tended by Jim and Sheila Batey and we know that they grow their plants from seed and are given plants from friends which they share in their beautiful English Country Garden and at this site, that is passed by many on Park Lane.

We also had the much talked about Paddock Close, looked after by Tom Helm, George and Hazel Ather, Barbara and Hugh Robinson and Shirley Costello – a social media sensation!  The blooming results are the work of these 4 houses all pitching in and planting pots, tubs and baskets and if you haven’t seen them already, you must have a look.

We also had 2 entries from Ruskin Court.  One is a pair of neighbours, Peter and Cath Friend and Alan and Annette parker, cutting back shrubs, weeding, adding ornamental features and planting on the pathway from Ruskin Court to high Shaw.

The 2nd is 3 ladies, Elizabeth Christopher, Moira Wooldridge and Barbara Young who have weeded and planted a neglected lay-by for 3 years and they can now look on and see the results, as can all neighbours and people passing through.

And finally we had Bewick Garth at Mickley, this is quite a new project that started with grass-cutting at each side of the road that then went on to planting up tubs.  The area itself is enjoyed by residents, when the weather is kind, for village BBQ’s, the Queens Tea Party and fundraising events.  Julie & Marc Fleck, Joan & Terry Lee and George & Jan Hepburn are the force behind the initiative and further work is already underway!

This year, being the first, everyone who entered received an award certificate and a gardening gift voucher to continue their efforts.

THE BEWICK GARTH TEAM, Julie, Marc, Joan, Terry, George and Jan. GOLD AWARD

RUSKIN COURT/HIGH SHAW, Peter, Cath, Alan and Annette.  GOLD AWARD

3rd Place - RUSKIN COURT LAY-BY, Barbara, Elizabeth and Moira

2nd Place - ORCHARD CLOSE, Jim and Shelia Batey

1st Place - PADDOCK CLOSE, Tom, George, Hazel, Shirley, Barbara and Hugh

The council's hanging basket award is a very special addition for 2016, created specially in memory of Mrs Pauline Howdon, the late wife of Rob Howdon who was there as an entrant and was able to present the award.  Son Gavin spoke of how much it had meant to his Dad to have the award in Pauline's name.  Pauline and Rob entered the Prudhoe in Bloom competition from the beginning when Ian Warburton ran it on behalf of the council.  Pauline was a very special lady and we know that 2017 will see more hanging baskets than ever in Prudhoe gardens when loved ones, friends and Prudhoe Youth Football Club all enter in her honour.

The overall winner of the Best Hanging Basket in the Town was presented by Rob Howdon and Councillor Mrs Jennifer McGee to Mrs Diane Hull, Maple Grove.

Our remarkable schools support 'Prudhoe in Bloom' each year.  This year judging day was on the very last day of term, so you can imagine the scenes that welcomed Dean and Vivienne Readman of Hollybush Nursery … relaxed, calm and unexcitable children getting on quietly with their work …   not a chance, the judges interrupted discos, team games, parties and very high spirits, and that was just the teachers. 

Our schools are great at getting pupils involved in the garden and some in eating their produce also.  Vivienne and Dean take great pleasure in speaking to pupils about their school gardens; sharing stories of success and garden disasters, which is all part of the learning process. 

We are so grateful to the schools for welcoming us and for allowing the children to share their enthusiasm and learning with the judges.  Gardening in schools is very educational and the commitment of pupils and teachers is fundamental to the finished and very impressive results.  All prize vouchers for the school entries were been donated by Tyne Valley Garden Centre, Mickley.

Adderlane First School (Silver Award)

Highfield Middle School (Gold Award)

Prudhoe West First School (Gold Award)

Prudhoe Castle First School (Gold Award & 3rd Place)

Ferndene (Gold & 2nd Place)

Mickley First School (Gold & 1st Place)

Onto our Churches:

Vivienne and Dean Readman also judged our church gardens this year, all of which are maintained by volunteers.

Again the vouchers awarded to the winner and runner-up have been donated by Tyne Valley Garden Centre

St George’s Church (Bronze Award)

St Mary Magdalene Church (Silver Award)

Edgewell Christian Centre (Silver Award)

Our Lady & St Cuthbert’s Church (Platinum Award & Runner-Up)

Prudhoe Methodist Church (Platinum Award & Winner)

Local ‘In Bloom’ volunteers Janet Porter, Moira Wooldridge and James Dobson were our judges of ther Business Entries.

This is not a competition whereby businesses are pitted against each other; it is a commendation for effort and achievement.  

Truffles Hair Salon (Silver Award)

Reflections Hair Salon (Silver Award)

Ginevra (Silver Award)

Ball's Restaurant & Tearoom (Platinum)

Casey’s Cupcakes (Gold Award)

The Hair Boutique (Gold Award)

La Piccola (Silver Award)

Adderlane Surgery (Silver Award)

Thompsons of Prudhoe (Gold Award)

Plunketts Tiling (Gold Award)

Ready Steady Knit (Gold Award)

West Wylam Inn (Silver Award)

Elizabeth Evans (Silver Award)

Eastgate Manor (Gold Award)

Walnut Hair & Beauty (Silver Award)

Red Brick House (Platinum Award)

The Bait Box (Gold Award)

Yellow Estate Agent (Silver Award)

Finally the awards for the Best Residential Gardens in the Town.

Rear Gardens in the South Ward

Ian & Pauline Gilmore, Cheviot View (Silver & 3rd Place)

Denise and Joe Ridley, Adderlane Rd (Gold & 2nd Place)

Peter Hyman, Eastwood House (Gold & 1st Place)

Rear Gardens in the North Ward, all with platinum awards, that is 95%+

Andrew & Louis Ellison, Edgewell Road (Platinum & 3rd Place)

Rob Howdon, High Shaw (Platinum & 2nd Place)

Diane & Ivan Hull, Maple Grove (Platinum & 1st Place)

Rear Gardens in Mickley Ward

Marion Docherty, Burnside (Silver Award)

Liz Milton, Burnside (Gold & 3rd Place)

John & Sylvia Ellison, Riding Dene (Gold & 2nd Place)

Pauline & Robbie Armstrong (Gold & 1st Place)

Front Gardens in the South Ward

Denise and Joe Ridley, Adderlane Rd (Silver Award)

Adrian Porter, Scales Crescent (Gold Award)

Ian & Pauline Gilmore, Cheviot View (Gold & 3rd Place)

Peter Hyman, Eastwood House (Gold & 2nd Place)

Jim & Sheila Batey, Park Lane (Gold & 1st Place)

Front Gardens in the North Ward

Tom Teasdale, Miners Cottages (Silver Award)

Andrew & Louis Ellison, Edgewell Road (Gold Award)

George & Margaret Tindall, Otter Burn Way (Gold & 3rd Place)

Diane & Ivan Hull, maple Grove (Platinum & 2nd Place)

Rob Howdon, High Shaw (Platinum & 1st Place)

Front Gardens in Mickley

Marion Docherty, Burnside (Silver Award & 3rd Place)

Liz Milton, Burnside (Gold Award & 2nd Place)

John & Sylvia Ellison, Riding Dene (Platinum & 1st Place)

The overall winner of THE BEST FRONT GARDEN IN THE TOWN was awarded to Mr Rob Howdon of High Shaw; a very popular choice and given to rapturous applause.

And the winner of the trophy for THE BEST REAR GARDEN IN THE TOWN went to Mrs Diane Hull of Maple Grove.

Thanks.... as always the Council is very grateful to the 'Prudhoe in Bloom Working Group': Nadine McGee, Jennifer McGee, Janet Porter, Moira Wooldridge and James Dobson.

Our judges; Mrs Vivienne Bolton of Corbridge (residential), Dean and Vivienne Readman of Hollybush Landscaping (schools and churches), James, Janet and Moira (businesses) and also Moira for the fantastic photographs.

Tyne Valley Garden Centre at Mickley for sponsoring the School and Church competition

Prudhoe Parish Hall and Coffee Morning for allowing us to use the hall for the presentation,

and last but not least, everyone who supported the competition, either by entering or attending the presentation.

See you again next year!

(more photographs will be uploaded of the presentation as soon as possible)

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